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Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in the PSIP program?

PSIP product on Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) has the curriculum (provided as a 58 page pdf document) and six audio tracks of mindfulness based stress reduction exercises for practice (around 60 minutes total duration provided as Zip folder). Titles for the audio files are as follows: 1) Introduction, 2) Body Scan, 3) Guided Meditation I, 4) Guided Meditation II, 5) Working with Thoughts, 6) Progressive Muscle Relaxation.

PSIP/Positive Adult Development (PAD) product has the curriculum for PAD (provided as a 26 page pdf document) and six PowerPoint presentations that may be used by the group leader for facilitating the weekly group discussions.

When will I get my materials?

Since the PSIP program materials are provided to the customer in electronic downloadable format. You have instantaneous access to all contents (at Premium content section URL: upon successful payment and submission of your order. There is no wait period since there is no processing and shipping involved.

What happens after I complete the purchase of PSIP?

All the PSIP files are made available to the customer at the premium content section of VU e-Innovations. Immediately upon successful payment, your order is fulfilled. Automated download instructions are sent to the email address listed in the order. It is possible that the automatic download instructions may have gone to your spam folder in your email client(some customers have mentioned that).

Where do I download the PSIP files from?

If you are unable to find the order approval email which contains the download link, please use the direct link to VU e-Innovations Premium content that can be accessed from the following URL: Once logged into the premium content, digital files are available for download. (You will need to log in with your VU e-Innovations username and password to access the content contained in this link).

If you forgot your password, please use this link to reset it.

Do you offer any training or certification for PSIP users?

We currently do not have a certification program for PSIP trainers/facilitators. One possible way of using the product may be via forming a peer group of parents with support/supervision/consultation from someone with professional mental health credentials.

My institution requires to review the Table of Contents (ToC) before ordering. Can I get a copy of ToC ?

We will be able to provide the table of contents for both MBSR and PAD curriculum. Please us the Contact Us form to make a request.

I am not associated with any institution or business. Is it possible to buy a PSIP program as an individual?

Yes, You can purchase PSIP as an individual. Please mark “Not Applicable” for the “Organization” section during checkout.

I have trouble in opening the MBSR Audio files to practice mindfulness based stress reduction. Please help

You may download the audio in two format. Zip file containing the audio in Aiff format may be extracted/unzipped to a folder. Aiff files can then be played in iTunes or VLC player or similar players. You can also download all the audio files in mp3 format individually.